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<Holographic Recording #396774192, Jedi Temple Records.>

<Sender: Padawan Aronoke.  Originating System: Trace Route Blocked>

<Recipient: Initiate Draken, Clan Herf, Jedi Temple Primary Training Centre, Coruscant>


The holodisplay flickers into life.  This holorecording was obviously made on an antiquated system not yet upgraded to run recent message protocol standards, because the quality is considerably sub-standard.  Additionally the message is perforated by bursts of static, not so that the message is incoherent, but detracting from the aesthetic quality.

The holorecording is of a rangy young man dressed in jedi robes.  He has dark hair, cut knife-edge straight at his jaw.  A very short padawan braid is tucked behind his right ear, and he bears a distinctive scar on his left cheek.  If he were human, he would perhaps be eighteen or nineteen years of age, but he is not human.  It is difficult to tell what colour he is in the holorecording, but his eyes are decidedly peculiar.  Should you have met a chiss before, you would likely pick him as one immediately.  He is tall and lithely muscled.  Wears his height with a slight awkwardness, like he is not yet completely accustomed to it.  His expression is good humoured and relaxed.

“Greetings Draken,” says the holorecording.  “I trust this message finds you and the rest of Clan Herf in good health.  You may show the younglings this message if you like.  I have sent Ashquash a message as well, and I sincerely hope that things are better with her than when I left the temple.”

“Master Caaldor and I have been doing a lot of travelling.  We seldom stay in one place for very long.  I am coming to realise what a sheltered upbringing we have in the Temple.  There is so much to learn and see out here, even on the most peaceful planets.”

“Turns out we didn’t go to Ilum after all. Master Caaldor had some important business to finish on other worlds first and I am not in such a hurry to forge my own.  I expect we will get around to it eventually. Master Caaldor has entrusted me with another lightsaber, one which belonged to a Jedi he knew who was killed in action.  It is not a new weapon – it has seen a lot of fighting.  The blade is an orange shade of yellow, and I am growing quite fond of it.”

“Master Caaldor is an interesting person to travel with.  He has his own ideas about how things should be done, and I trust him to keep me safe.  He is not very fond of political entanglements, for which I find myself unable to blame him.”

“So far I have gotten to do quite a lot of speeder piloting.  I have seen an ocean, although only from a distance and I have been out in the rain.  Saw towering pillars of clouds like foam stacked in the sky.  Fields of grain as far as the eye could see. I have seen quite a few other new things, especially creatures, although no dangerous ones as yet.”

“We had a run in with some space pirates, who were threatening a refugee ship.  I didn’t know how I would handle myself in real combat.  Thought, I suppose, that I wasn’t ready for it since I never learned level six, but it went better than I expected.”

“Please give my regards to Emeraldine, should you see her.  I hope her apprenticeship is going well.”

“Don’t get in too much trouble back there.”

“May the Force be with you.”