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The Movies

Another The Movies video I made.  This one was much harder, because it is a music video for the Spit song of the same name.  Took a long time, if I remember.  It turned out rather surreal, and the (simple) plot seems not too clear now I look back at it.  Of course, the Spit song had nothing to do with people in Cowboy hats, but hey, there were lots of good props for that sort of thing in the game.

I tired to make the main characters in the video look like two members of Spit, as they looked at the time the song was originally recorded.  So, yes, I guess they are based on people living or dead, in this case.

The Movies – it was a game brought out by Lionhead Studios in 2005, partly a Sims style game where you ran your own movie studio, but the actual fun bit was that you could customise and glue together video clips to make your own films.  The system was rather clunky and there were certain drawbacks, especially in trying to time the pictures to the sound, which was especially frustrating for me, because one of the things I tried to make with it was a music video.

Anyway, the first thing I actually finished while testing it out was a short skit about Coffee, done entirely with subtitles.