Links of Varying Degrees of Usefulness

IUPAC - the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry. Essential for chemistry pedants.

Webelements - the most nifty online periodic table, except for this one.

RACI Polymer Division - your plastic pals who are fun to be with.

James Cook University Chemistry - my starting point, at the other great university of regional Australia.

Key Centre for Polymer Colloids - where I spent the next five years having fun doing polymer chemistry.

Molecular Biotechnology Program - and I taught some Molecular Biology too.

The Macrogalleria - The excellent folks at the University of Southern Mississippi call this 'a cyberwonderland of polymer fun!' And those words are true, so true. Check it out!

Chlorophiles - Important: monomers are easily absorbed by the body and can have toxic and carcinogenic effects. Common household polymers are not. Polymers are our friends. You could eat PVC all day long (as part of a balanced diet, of course) and you would be fine. This is why it is vitally important that all monomers are converted to polymers as quickly as possible.

Molecules with Silly Names - we all dream of discovering something that will end up here.

When I had more hair, I used to be mistaken for this guy.

National Novel Writing Month - unfortunately, coincides with second semester exams. But you should try it anyway.


Did you know?

Homeopathic medicine is a load of toss?