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Stormi thinks everything humans do involves food.

Including cameras.

Her name is spelled with an “i” because although her cuteness factor is high, her brain is small.


Camera is food?

(This gross generalisation should not, of course, be applied to humans whose names are spelt thusly with an “i”)

Misfortune for Kindle on Amazon



…And there’s the next one.  Honestly I never meant them all to get finished around the same time.  It just turned out that way.




So, finally “The Ghost Years” which has been competing for my attention with its publishing demands, alongside “Misfortune” and “Leaving Loris” has gone live on Amazon.

Our first novel!  How nervous-making.

I expect the “Misfortune” kindle version will be finished within a week.  The print versions are still in their final throes of formatting, but again, should not take long now.

“Leaving Loris” will be a little while yet, since I decided it needs one more final editing run after my last re-read.

This has to be the most overblown fountain I have seen anywhere, in a game or in real life.

Crazy Fountain

How come giants always have to live in dismal lands of perpetual ice and snow?


Why can’t the “land of the giants” be a luxurious tropical paradise?

Just asking.

I don’t usually role play in MMOs, but if someone else is acting in character I am always happy to play along. I haven’t seen many people role-playing in Guild Wars 2, so was quite pleased when this exchange began.

Uh oh, I think.

UH-OH, I think.

In the meantime, the other member of his party, who I originally ran over to help res, has been killed again while he has run off to talk to me, and I go back to res him again…



Araxtiara, by the way, is a name taken from an RPG character who was a dweller in a city of the Undead. As you can see from her picture, she is in her pre-undead form. And she is just wearing the first level of crafted light armour gear, I didn’t go out of my way to dress her inappropriately. Her back story is here.



Too many good MMOs have come out in the past twelve months and I am feeling swamped.  Swamped, and grateful that Guild Wars 2 is free-to-play and has no attached subscription.  I splashed out and bought a lifetime subscription to Secret World, so that is now relatively “safe” from long-term ongoing costs, but then the next LoTRO expansion will be coming out very soon now, I haven’t finished with SWTOR, and…and…well, there just isn’t time for it all.  Especially since I haven’t been playing as much as usual, since I have gone into writing-binge mode, and either edit things all day or churn out 4000 or 5000 words.  By the time I’m done with that, my eyes have turned to paste, and it’s time to get off the computer.

Restraint?  What is this thing you speak of?

Helecho, my Sylvari thief


I was looking at old folders of screenshots today and dug up some of the very few I have of Age of Conan.  Despite playing it for about a year and taking tons of screenshots I managed to accidentally delete most of them during an upgrade, since Funcom didn’t see fit to put their screenshots folder in the Documents folder.  Oops.  Ah well.

Quinn was a nasty looking sucker…  That’s him in the middle in the spiky hat.  The mean looking chick on the right is Zacoran.

AoC - Quinn and Zacoran


Lord Komo is machinima based on the MMORPG SWTOR, which I am still playing at the time of writing this.  I am a sucker for story-driven games so this was right up my alley.  SWTOR was also a source of inspiration for Aronoke, the Star Wars fan-fic flotsam I am currently addicted to writing.

Lord Komo originated when Jord and I were adventuring on Taris, wreaking destruction and havoc and generally getting quests done, when we happened on the NPC Lord Komo.  And with one thing or another, we were soon singing that Beach Boys song, Kokomo…

Everyone else in Universal Exports refused to sing it.  I considered hiring someone, but decided it was too bothersome.  And so, a terrible exercise in self-torture and vocal expression was born.  Especially since Kokomo is not happily inside my vocal range. It is far too squeaky.  I can’t watch the video now, it makes me wince too much.  *hides under pile of MMO subscriptions*.

Since making the movie I (and the rest of Universal Exports et al) decided to swap servers, due to the dwindling popularity of the game, so some of the characters involved in the film are no longer named the same thing.

My second attempt at LoTRO machinima.  This one still has some IClone4 models in it (Sauron’s milk herd, anyone?) and lots of IClone effects, but it is heavily based on snippets of movie taken directly from the game.  It was inspired by an excellent (dreadful, by most people’s standards, no doubt) pun made by Wingwoz (who stars in the film).  This one was a great deal of fun to make, although I did have the song stuck in my head for about three months during and afterwards.