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Latest video effort.

Chris noticed a theme in most of my MMO related videos.  Seems like they are usually about the NPCs – the background characters who we don’t really consider as individuals in the game – orc grunts in LoTRO, imperial lackeys in SWTOR, and now Orochi goons in The Secret World.

The underdogs in MMOs are always more interesting from a story-telling perspective than the super-powered heroes, because the heroes are what the game is already about.  There is more space to make up a story about the background characters  In games, the minor NPCs seldom have characters at all – if they’re lucky they have some lore to back them up.  I don’t much like creating fictional works around “other people’s” characters.  Even my Star Wars fan fiction, Aronoke, doesn’t have any characters from the game or the movie in it.