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Real Life

Day to day events.

My recent obsession with making the first chapter of my Star Wars fan fiction story, Aronoke, into a short film has been highly time consuming.  Who knew that 3d modelling software like 3ds Max could be so complicated?  Well, I did, but on this occasion I have made more progress than on my previous forays, and I am pleased with the results.  Why, two months of steep learning curve and mounds of texturing has given me over two minutes of film!

Walking in

At this rate I should finish by the time I am eighty.  With any luck.

Admittedly I have managed, with considerable help, to also install a stack of kitchen cupboards as well, but most of my other projects have been left wandering, lost and alone.  Even my MMO activities have been largely neglected.  Save for the latest Secret World update.

When your character's name is Rainier, the Zombie T-shirt from the Funcom store becomes even more appropriate...

How could I possibly resist Action Adventure combined with tasty fedora-imbued goodness?







“Leaving Loris” is now available on Amazon as a kindle version.

Print version will be available soon.


Stormi thinks everything humans do involves food.

Including cameras.

Her name is spelled with an “i” because although her cuteness factor is high, her brain is small.


Camera is food?

(This gross generalisation should not, of course, be applied to humans whose names are spelt thusly with an “i”)

Misfortune for Kindle on Amazon



…And there’s the next one.  Honestly I never meant them all to get finished around the same time.  It just turned out that way.




So, finally “The Ghost Years” which has been competing for my attention with its publishing demands, alongside “Misfortune” and “Leaving Loris” has gone live on Amazon.

Our first novel!  How nervous-making.

I expect the “Misfortune” kindle version will be finished within a week.  The print versions are still in their final throes of formatting, but again, should not take long now.

“Leaving Loris” will be a little while yet, since I decided it needs one more final editing run after my last re-read.