World of Tey is a highly unfinished roguelike which is
the successor to XirrelaiRPG, which is plagued with glitches and unfathomably stupid design.

Tey will hopefully be both bigger and better than XirrelaiRPG.
Currently, the release window for the "complete" version is February
of 2013. NEWS:

10/3/2012: 0.14.0. Here is a ranged weapon, as promised. It doesn't do any damage as of now. F to fire. 29/2/2012: 0.13.0. I originally wanted to include ranged weapons in this version. In fact, about half the work on this version paved the way for ranged weapons. Here, we have projectiles, but no ranged weapons yet. I promised myself to get two major versions done per month, you see.

7/2/2012: 0.12.0. I'll have to get off my lazy butt and make more than one version a month. Honestly, it took me about three weeks to write six lines of code. Interface improvement: Items can be equipped/used/unequipped by clicking them. Also, since I lost the source on several occasions I had to use GMDecompiler to get the source back, which played havoc with my icon.

13/1/2012: 0.11.0. So, I took a few weeks off as a break over Christmas, and I'm back. I've got an ability system set up -- It's quite rudimentary at the moment, but all the vital things I'll need later are there. Next will probably be projectiles -- throwing knives, flying fireballs...

11/12/2011: 0.10.0. A complete new class of entity, the active floor, has been implemented. These are non-solid things that trigger an effect when something walks over it. There are currently two: freezing clouds and freezing floors. Freezing clouds are temporary while freezing floors are permanent. In the future, permanent varieties will be used for things like traps and temporary active floors will be used for AOE effects. I've also added cold resistance.

26/11/2011: 0.9.0. I've added jewellery. Currently, there are only two rings and they don't use identification at all. I'm wondering if I should keep it that way. An indication of creatures' fire resistance now appears when you mouse over them. I fixed a bug where you'd get an error message if an orb ran out of charges.

23/11/2011: 0.8.0. This adds an accuracy system; weapons could potentially be very boring with nothing but a simple damage variable. Accuracy is based on DEX and gets stepdowns when it's higher than 80%. I also added an orb, the Greater Orb of Magic. Orbs are Tey's equivalent of wands and evocables. Currently, it's the only orb, and it always appears as a "Large Magenta Orb", but both of those will be fixed in content patches later on :)

16/11/2011: 0.7.1. Just a little bug fix, and a minor change to the textboxes. You no longer get weird messages when trying to unequip something that isn't there.

12/11/2011: 0.7.0. This update adds a huge pile of important stuff: the status effect system and identification. It also has 15 basic potions with a randomised appearance; there are two of each.

29/10/2011: 0.6.1. Just fixed some horrendous bugs. Items no longer lose their brand when they're swapped out, sparkly armour now works, and ATC and DEF values in the interface are now rounded to the nearest integer.

29/10/2011: 0.6.0. I added armour and weapons. Use items with the A key to equip them. A is also used to unequip them, by using the 53rd and 54th inventory slots. Equipping something where there is already one equipped will automatically unequip the corrent item without glitching. You can also drop items directly from your equip slots. I've also changed the interface slightly, and made the maximum attack damage dependent on the square of the strength. There's also a new stat, fire resistance, which affects extra damage from flaming-barnded weapons. Enemies now use their own attack values rather than yours. I've also started a wiki at

27/10/2011: 0.5.0. This adds the basis of the inventory system. G picks up items, D drops them. The inventory has 52 slots; use PgUp and PgDn to scroll the inventory up and down. If you're wondering why this thing took so long, it's because I spent two and a half weeks doing some combination of procrastinating and writing tedious, shoddy code that I had to rewrite later.

6/10/2011: 0.4.0. Enemies now move randomly. They can hit you, but you can't die. I can change whether or not they can open doors with the flip of a variable. You can't slam anything in a doorway. Enemies can't close doors because the AI would be impossibly difficult.

5/10/2011: 0.3.0. This version includes stationary enemies, resting, regeneration, and hunger, although hunger has no effect whatsoever atm. Rest with r.

30/9/2011: 0.2.0. Today I added doors and added a couple more things to the interface. Time is also working. Bumping into doors opens them and pressing c followed by the direction you want will close a door in that direction.

29/9/2011: 0.1.0. Here, the position is done, and most of the interface. So it's not too boring, I've added a few new walls to Testland that you can bump into.


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