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Leaving LorisAvailable now for the kindle on Amazon!

Print version coming soon.


When Kriffin di Kelden, mad young heir to the Barony of Dorshire, receives a disturbing note threatening his best friend Loris, he is eager to comply in any way to save Loris’s life.  Unfortunately his parents have no love for Loris and would refuse to countenance any such effort.  Kriffin struggles to go to Loris’s aid, assisted by his new friend the ne’er-do-well musician Xardanil, only to find himself confronted by a plot which envelops not only himself, but the whole of Xellinland.

In order to save both Loris and Xardanil, Kriffin must confront not only the ambitious Duke of Foray and his grotesque sorcerer Quarl, but also his own horrific memories.

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