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A. C. Fellows is actually the publishing name of Amanda & Chris Fellows.

We have been producing fantasy and science-fiction works together since we started hanging out at University, countless aeons ago, where we belonged to the same small group of pen-and-paper roleplaying afficionados.

Although most of our works are not actually co-written, the worlds, stories and backgrounds from which they stem are so intertwined that it is often nigh-impossible to remember who actually created what.  We therefore decided it was easiest to publish all our fictional works under one name, thus eliminating the need for week-long battles to determine proper ownership.

Chris’s favourite muppet is Gonzo.  Amanda’s favourite muppet is Chris.  Our assorted hobbies include playing MMORPGs and RPGs, cycling, reading, drawing maps, arguing with people on the internet, making short films based on puns and learning to use the chainsaw.  Oh, and writing.

We live in the middle of a field.  We have no neighbours, other than sheep, cows, rabbits and large pine trees. We have two children, one dog, two cats and more mmorpg and rp characters than you can point a stick-with-a-nail-in-it at.